Keeping a Notebook

Ten Years, Five Books, Three Things I've Learned

Episode Summary

On the day before the ten-year anniversary edition of Nina's first novel comes out, she tells listeners about the highs and lows and most enduring lessons she's learned from a decade as a published novelist.

Episode Notes

Episode 8

-I share with you my plans for season 2 of Keeping a Notebook. Send your questions my way to!

-I take you through the first ten years of what I intend to be a lifelong career.

-I talk about the expectations I had when Hold Still was published ten years ago, and how those expectations have changed with time.

-I tell you why the practice of writing is the most important thing to nurture, and what my intention for the next ten years of my career is in this regard.

-I offer my advice on how to go deep within, instead of out of your element when crafting a story.

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